I’m Sharon

I created Metta Solutions for professionals who want a balanced life with authenticity, integrity and purpose.

I am not so different from you. I’m a professional who has managed a career and a personal life (sometimes well, sometimes not so well) for many years.

I have worked as a physician and held leadership roles in clinical medicine, academia, research and teaching for over 30 years.

In that time, I have been overwhelmed and overworked. I have made not-so-good decisions and felt the consequences. I have struggled to make time for myself and my family.

I have also picked myself back up and achieved more success than I ever dreamed possible. And through my 10 years as an executive coach, I have helped countless others achieve their own goals. I can do the same for you.

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What I do

I help professionals of all types achieve clarity about what matters most to them and to those they care about, and then make decisions about their work and personal life accordingly. Here’s how:
I help you find the solutions you want and need by providing these services:

  • Live and virtual coaching
  • Training programs, both live and virtual
  • Consulting on organizational issues
  • High-value online content and community

I focus on the topics you care about:

Intentional Career Planning

Our proven process enables clients to design careers that meet their personal and professional goals, now and for years to come.

Time & Energy Management

Productivity is so much more than managing the clock. We teach people to accomplish what they need to, using the time and energy they have.

Leadership Development

Leadership is a journey. Using our Lifelong Learning Leadership (L3) model, we help professionals grow their skills today, and well into the future.

What I stand for


I strive to be clear about what I can do, how I can help my clients and partners, and I treat them the way I (and they) would like to be treated. It’s called the “platinum” rule around here.


I strive to be fully myself in all I do, and I invite and encourage my partners and clients to do the same.


I believe in thinking big and doing good for others, in big and small ways.


I am part of the fabric of my community – I’m a family physician first and foremost, trained to meet people where they are, in the context of their social, physical, mental and spiritual needs. That mindset is foundational for Metta Solutions.


I believe we are all traveling in this world together and that nobody can go it alone, nor should they have to.


I believe in having fun, even when I am working hard or working on hard things. Joy is the engine of life. Increasing the net quantity of joy on the planet is a part of our core mission at Metta Solutions, and a part of my own personal life mission.


We spend so many hours of our lives at work that a false delineation between work and life just doesn’t make sense. I work with clients to help them build careers that enhance – rather than detract from – their personal lives.

How I see the world

You may wonder how I chose the name, Metta Solutions.

Read the full story behind the meaning of Metta Solutions

What does Metta Solutions mean to me?

It means that all healing, for individuals, teams and the planet, starts with doing my own work on myself, and healing the things that need healing within me and my own life.

Unless I do that work, I cannot be of service to other individuals, organizations, my community or the world at large. It also means that I challenge my clients to look at their own contributions to their situations, and start there to achieve their own growth.

How to Get Started

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