Imagine a state of seamless harmony
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Confident, effective and empowering leadership. Clarity about next career steps and comfort that goals are likely to be realized.  Metta Solutions coaching, training and consulting engagements are designed to get you there. 

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Coaching for Professionals

Using the Professional Careers by DesignTM approach, we customize a coaching framework grounded in your core values and priorities (what matters most to you), we empower you to envision, plan and bring your own professional transformation to life. Whether you need to determine how to better align your schedule with your priorities, grow your efficacy as a leader or map your next move, Metta Solutions coaching enables you to design and deliver on your goals.

You’ll gain tools, resources, wisdom and the confidence to manage a thriving work life in a way that works in tandem with — not against — your personal priorities.

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Coaching for Groups and Teams

Whether you are part of a group of people wanting to pursue coaching around a topic of shared interest like leadership development, or a team of professionals who wish to work together more effectively, group and team coaching enables professionals to benefit from the synergy of learning alongside others with different life experiences and shared goals.

Metta Solutions group and team coaching engagements are goal-oriented yet adaptive to meet the needs of the group. Your coach brings an independent perspective and the resources to move everyone forward – as individuals and a team.

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Metta Solutions offers onsite and virtual training in a variety of topic areas, including Professional Careers by DesignTM, as well as fundamental and advanced topics in time and energy management, leadership development and career strategy. Learners gain tools and touchstones for navigating challenging situations, setting boundaries, leading effectively and building a sustainable and rewarding work life. Training is engaging, interactive and designed to foster connection and a lasting sense of community.

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Our consulting engagements are designed to bring an outside perspective to help you see problems — and solutions — differently. We design and deliver customized professional development programs that address challenges and deliver on goals through coaching, training and other services. When appropriate, we utilize the Professional Careers by DesignTM approach in consulting engagements that involve opportunities related to talent development, management and retention. Metta Solutions specializes in leadership development, career strategy and time and energy management, although we bring expertise in a variety of other areas.

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