May 31, 2021

The importance of tending your self-care garden

We are approaching the halfway point in our second difficult year in a row. The horizon is looking brighter now — with vaccination progress in this country, and longer, warmer days beckoning us out into nature and toward each other.

As you stretch toward the sunlight and your days get busier and more full, don’t forget the importance of managing your time and energy. Your well-being depends on it. So, as it happens, does your productivity. That’s why we’ll be spending the coming weeks focused on self-care and the principles of time and energy management.

For me, gardening is one of the ways I take care of myself. For you, it might be something else. We’ll explore it all. Learn what we have planned in the video blog below.

There will be much more to come.

Last updated June 1, 2021

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