June 12, 2018

Are you stuck at the starting line?

Starting something new is always a challenge

The power of inertia is amazing, keeping us from taking that small step toward a better career/relationship/life.

Here’s an example from my own professional life. I’ve known for many years that I want to create a community here on this website, with this blog. At times, I’ve been able to devote the time and energy needed to nurture it. But as my longtime followers know, it’s sometimes been a challenge, and I recently took a break from writing to focus on other aspects of my professional life.

Returning to this space took a lot of thought, time and effort. But it also required intention, and it required inspiration.

I hope you will join me as I restart this journey. If there is something you want to achieve in your life, I hope to provide some wisdom that will help you along the way. But first, you must take the first step. In that spirit, I again give you The Beginner’s Manifesto from Live Your Legend. I’m excited to see where it takes us.

  1. The hardest step is the first one.
  2. It’s also the smallest, and often the simplest.
  3. Momentum is more powerful that we realize. But the snowball won’t roll unless you give the first push.
  4. It’s hard to start, but it’s even harder to stop once we’ve started.
  5. Start something small every day. Watch them pile up.
  6. Choosing not to start is choosing to fail.
  7. Find a reason that makes it worth it.
  8. What will happen if you don’t begin? What might you miss?
  9. Make the first step so small it’d be impossible not to take.
  10. The only thing standing between dreaming and beginning is you.
  11. Start first. Think later.
  12. If you don’t start, nothing else matters.
  13. Most of the fear comes from anticipating the start.
  14. Most of the fear disappears once you begin.
  15. Don’t leave the sight of an idea without doing one thing to get it closer to reality.
  16. Say no to something that doesn’t matter, so you can start one thing that does.
  17. Possibility cannot live until you begin.
  18. If you don’t start, you can’t finish.
  19. Starting is what builds a bridge, creates a business, loses 100 pounds, writes a best-seller. Starting does it all.
  20. Starting is what changes the world. It’s the only thing that ever has.
  21. Everything starts by starting. When is now a good time?

Your next step

Now, what about you? What is it you hope to achieve but have yet to start? Or do you have a success story we can all learn from? Let’s support each other as we start (or continue) moving forward.

Last updated June 12, 2018