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Metta Solutions, LLC, is an executive coaching and consulting firm that specializes in working with people and organizations seeking to making change, transform themselves and their organizations, develop skills in leadership, tap into their creativity, and proactively plan careers that bring them personal meaning and fulfillment. 



As a physician with over 29 years of health care experience, I have a particular emphasis on coaching health care professionals (physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, public health practitioners and others), and academicians from a variety of disciplines. Although I am uniquely well positioned for these audiences, I gladly work with executives and leaders from all backgrounds. I have a specific interest in helping women leaders develop skills for today’s work environments.

Organizational Consulting:  Assisting organizations of all types in defining key issues, addressing them in the context of the larger environment, and planning for the future, Metta Solutions will help your organization meet today’s challenges using a variety of consulting formats to address common business issues.

Technical Consulting:  Using our background in primary care, prevention, health services research and grant writing, Metta Solutions assists many organizations with technical consultation related to these areas of interest.

Whether in large or small groups, Metta Solutions provides training and technical consultation on key issues faced by many organizations. Small and large group trainings, and retreat facilitation, are among my particular areas of expertise.

Metta Solutions, LLC

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