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Sharon K. Hull, MD, MPH

I help people thrive by coaching them to manage change, grow their careers, develop as leaders and integrate personal and professional goals.

Hello and welcome to the Metta Solutions website.
  • A bit about me:  I am Sharon Hull, and I am the President and CEO of Metta Solutions, LLC. I have been an executive coach, consultant and physician in a variety of settings for many years. My specialty is working with high-performing professionals who are currently in leadership roles or hope to be in the future.
  • My experience:  I have over 28 years’ experience in academic health care, more than 10 years' experience leading and coaching professionals, and more than 5 years' experience running my own Executive Coaching firm, Metta Solutions.
  • My passion is helping self-reflective individuals and organizations thrive, grow and maximize their success.
  • My services include executive coaching, training and development, and consulting.
  • Contact us if you would like to discuss your unique needs.


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Clients and Kudos

Sharon was incredibly helpful when I was considering new career opportunities. She was a guide and a support, helping me make the best decision by looking at the pros and cons with fresh eyes.

Justine Strand de Oliveira, DrPH, PA-C, DFAAPA
Professor and Vice Chair for Education / Duke University Department of Community and Family Medicine

I was fortunate to have utilized Sharon for both a difficult facilitated faculty retreat and later as a transitional coach.  She brought a wealth of experience to both roles.  By not ignoring the elephant in the room and asking probing yet considerate questions, she was able to help our faculty and then me make key decisions and transitions.  Several of the faculty later asked if we could bring her back for follow up sessions.  I highly recommend her as both a facilitator, coach and mentor.

Rob McDonald, CPE, MD
Associate Professor, Family Medicine / Medical University of South Carolina

Sharon has been a Godsend for ACPM on several key grant proposals.  We were successful on two groundbreaking grants–one each from HRSA and CDC–which would not have been possible without her exceptional work as a lead grant writer.  Her training and experience in primary care, preventive medicine, and public health, with her ability to produce high quality proposal drafts under extremely tight deadlines, made her an indispensable part of the team.  I would say retaining Sharon was a very wise investment for us, indeed, and would highly recommend her services.

Michael Barry, CAE

Sharon provided facilitation for one of our more complex meetings and she was tremendous. Her approach was thoughtful and inclusive and she rapidly synthesized large amounts of information, allowing us to move forward in a productive and cohesive way. She is highly professional as well as intuitive and observant, which is a rare and valuable skill set.

Angela Graham
Program Officer / The Fetzer Institute

Sharon is an amazing facilitator. She brings the  clinical skills she has as a compassionate listener, a skilled problem solver and innovative thinker to her work with multidisciplinary groups of professionals. She skillfully guides the way in full partnership and commitment to an inspirational final product. Sharon is a joy to work with. She helps ideas flourish into concrete achievable action items.

Sharon is a consummate executive coach. She has exceptional credentials and experience to assist in client coaching. As importantly, Sharon’s wisdom in coaching clients towards metta solutions is simply unparalleled. Rarely do you find a coach like Sharon, who is adept at facilitating professional growth and resiliency in a way that connects you to achieving your goals via collaboration, inclusivity and integration of values.

Holly Gerzina, Ph.D., M.Ed.
Executive Director, Interprofessional Education Services / NEOMED