Training and Development

Are you trying to help a group or team grow new leadership skills, manage change, resolve conflict or plan a new initiative? Dr. Hull has experience training small and large groups for more effective work environments, better team outcomes, and improved work life satisfaction. Resiliency and interpersonal communication are particular areas of expertise for our training and development programs.


Metta Solutions has extensive experience in facilitating retreats, workshops, small group problem-solving sessions, strategic planning initiatives, and planning startup organizations at the regional, national and international level. With two decades of such experience in a wide range of organizations, I am well-suited to meet your training and development needs. Some of my areas of content expertise include:

  • Leadership skills development
  • Institutional awareness
  • Change and transition management
  • Resilience strategies
  • Work-life alignment and balance
  • Time management and productivity
  • Culturally appropriate workplace behavior
  • Basic organizational finance
  • Organizational governance
  • Strategic career management