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Leadership Skills


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[dropcap color=”#348FCE” font=”arial” fontsize=”36″]L[/dropcap]eadership comes from within.  Leadership skills require the ability to set a vision,  and insight to convince others to follow that vision, and operational skills to execute plans for implementation.  It does not arise by happenstance.  Leadership comes from experience, requires native talent, and takes hard work.  Development of leadership skills can be accomplished through self-reflection, individual and group learning, and experiences that require innovative and rapid decision making.


Metta Solutions can assist you in creating and implementing a comprehensive leadership Training and Development plan for your business.  We provide small- and large-group leadership training, board development, facilitated retreats, experiential workshops, table-top planning exercise and case simulation activities.


If you are seeking or already working in a leadership position, we provide Executive Coaching that will help you learn and practice key strategies for success.  Environmental scanning, strategic analysis, self-study, and 360-degree evaluation of skills, challenges and strengths can be used in a comprehensive leadership development package designed to help you meet your career goals.  We have a special interest in working with women leaders to develop success skills for today’s workplace.

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