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About metta solutions

Who am I, and what is this “metta” thing, anyway????

Metta Solutions, LLC, is an executive coaching and consulting firm, founded in Akron, Ohio in 2011 as a “solopreneur” company. In 2013, I moved the company to a new home in Durham, North Carolina.  I specialize in working with people and organizations seeking to make change, transform themselves and their organizations, develop skills in leadership, tap into their creativity, and proactively plan careers that bring them personal meaning and fulfillment.

I provide services that include professional executive coaching and assessments, organizational and management consultation, and leadership training and development.  You will find more information about my professional credentials, as well as the meaning of the company name, below.

My Coaching Credentials

My Professional Biography

My Curriculum Vitae

What Does 'Metta' Mean?


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